How to launch a successful NFT collection (part 1)

How to launch a successful NFT collection (part 1)

Well, things are not as simple as one might think. You can’t just throw anything out there and expect it to sell.
There are many factors that need to be considered before even starting to think about how it’s gonna look like: What’s the goal of the project? What are you hoping to accomplish? Is now a good time?

Marketing is another important aspect that needs to get taken care of. Social media as a communication channel is a must because your community needs to be updated. Talking about community, you will have to build one and more important, you will have to bring the right people in. As we all know, NFT projects are all about community so this might be the most valuable advice we can give you.

After you have your goal, you can start thinking about how the project will work and what will it do. Will it really bring any value? Is it solving an issue? Do people need what you want to offer?

Now you can start thinking about the design and how will the NFT look like. Will it be a character? An animal? An object? Will the design be 2D or 3D? There are many questions you will have to ask yourself. After you decide, you have to look for the right artist that can represent your idea in an image.

There’s a lot more to talk about so part 2 is coming soon.

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