Where are we in crypto?

Where are we in crypto?

Let’s break the misconception that if you haven’t bought BTC at 200$, you missed the train. No, the blockchain technology is still in its incipient phase.

To explain better, imagine building a completely new city: you start by validating the plan (our case BTC – it’s here to stay – it’s validated), then you build off infrastructure that will help develop the rest of the city: you start off by building pipes and roads in order to get to building those fancy skyscrapers and shopping malls, right?

Same in crypto: at this point everyone is developing the infrastructure that will allow others to build projects that will directly help humanity and individuals. There are few protocols related to the consumer, but they are growing really fast and we will see more and more of them in the upcoming years.

As a reference, big companies, brands, banks and institutions are just starting to invest in crypto because they feel like the market just became healthy enough (maybe i’m wrong, but these companies with huge budgets must know something, otherwise they wouldn’t risk their money, right?).

So yes, holding some bags of BTC in 2008 would have been great, but there are many other projects with huge potential that are just waiting to have their white papers (business plans) read.

One more very important aspect is that the whole crypto concept isn’t about buying into a project and waiting for its price to grow, crypto is about technology, evolution and smart people getting together.

We know that the first thing that comes to everyone’s head when we say crypto is money, but that’s really not the main point, the blockchain is here to make things easier and more transparent for everyone. Some projects might fail, but that’s still part of the evolution process: others will see and learn from their mistakes and this is the only way to go forward.

Medicine was not invented overnight either..

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